Necessary care to clean up acne scars cleanly

Because acne scar is hard to get rid, I think that many people have tried variously but feel that there was no effect. However, I want you to know that acne acupuncture is intertwined with complicated factors, so one care is not necessary. Therefore, comprehensive measures are necessary to firmly understand the causes and countermeasures.

Cause caused by lack of care in my school days

When I was a high school student, because I belonged to the exercise department, when I got hungry after returning to club activities, everyone got hungry at a convenience store and I got hungry at the growing season, and eating sweets with plus alpha on three meals of rice It was a custom.


Even though sebum was easy to be age, I liked the one with more fat content, so it got easier for acne.


At that time I was still in my teens, so I did not do things like things of the future in the future, I did not do any special skin care etc.


In addition, it is suitable for sunburn and if you are doing club activities outside, I thought that sunburn was a matter of course, and there was hardly any way to take UV countermeasures.


Therefore, in the place where the inflammation of the acne remained and the red mark remained, further sunburns were added and traces like reddish and dark spots remained.


After all it was never going back to beautiful skin until becoming an adult, and it was days that kept hiding in make-up.


After that, I worked until I got married, and when I was busy with work I had time to work overtime at midnight, and there was a time when I slept for a while.


Due to stress and lack of sleep, acne started to be done again, becoming a vicious circle that the acne scars of the school days worsened further.


And it is struggling to become a beautiful skin in a panic and becoming the current age which children have time to spare in a while after being born.


There is nothing you can do for acne as expected, but it seems there are parts where acne marks have become like spots.

There is not one thing necessary for improving acne scars


When I was a high school student, I did not know the information about the acne at all, I asked only my mother what was the correct treatment method, I was just in trouble I could not pimple anything without any knowledge.

At last it became a little more knowledge about skin care, so it has become possible to understand what to do.


Because acne scars have various elements overlapping, there is not one thing necessary to improve.


Specifically, I think facial cleansing and moisturizing with skin care, and meals and sleeping if it is on the living side.


Washing face is not thrown out as anything is good, but I think that it is best to find exactly what you like and use it exactly.


It is also important to check that it does not tear when washing your face, it does not hurt your skin, it does not hurt.


Because acne scars remain in many cases, it is involved that the metabolism of the skin is declining, so if you give stimulation by facial cleansing, it will further deteriorate metabolism and should be avoided.


In addition, moisturizing should not only firmly attach the lotion but also those containing ingredients that can be expected to promote metabolism in order to restore the barrier function of the skin.


It is also important to care gently not to hit or rub out when you do skin care.


If symptoms are terrible, you should also use essentials to match the symptoms.


If the redness is severe, vitamin C derivative, if the blackened spots are severe it is recommended a beauty essence containing hydroquinone.


Also on the meal side is to eat plenty of green-yellow vegetables.


I will eat it without bias without liking and dislike with good quality protein. I eat three meals perfectly.


By taking plenty of vitamins, you can expect to control the secretion of sebum and to reduce the active oxygen that causes inflammation.


Also, as is often said, since the skin works to swap old and new ones while sleeping, I think it is necessary to secure sleep time firmly for myself.

                          Comprehensive care is important

When work is really busy, sleep deprivation continues, it is natural that you do not have anything more than 10 days in a day, it was supposed to not get rid of pimples.


Now that parenting has also settled down, please review the facial cleanser and basic cosmetics and be sure to eat green yellow vegetables every time, so even before sleep deprivation as much as possible before the child around noon comes back 10 By making it asleep lightly for about a minute, nature and acne also decreased.

I continued to look for something that suits me, I finally found it, I ceased to buy anything else.


After all, various effects are required to cure acne scars, I think that it was good that you chose what you can expect multiple effects such as adjusting metabolism, suppressing inflammation, whitening effect and even more.


Basic cosmetics that can expect various effects are a bit expensive, but because they are cheap, considering doing the treatment in cosmetic dermatology, we carefully select the ones that can feel the effect without worrying about the price.


As well as anti-acne remedies, of course, it also became a stain countermeasure, I think that the skin that was becoming reddish with acne scars became more beautiful than when it was young.


As measures against skin troubles caused by various factors such as acne scars will also lead to restoring the comprehensive power of the skin, firm knowledge to correctly understand the symptoms and select appropriate care I think it is also important to have it.