The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 2

It’s cold in the air and it’s not just an autumn breeze. Something evil is coming – it’s Halloween, my creepy ones!

This witching season is all about magic, decorations, spells, rituals and tons of fun. But what are you going to wear? If you’re having trouble choosing a suit, your zodiac sign can help. It’s written in the stars after all.

Zagone Studios Grim Reaper Costume with Mask, Rotting Gown and Gloves

  • Imported
  • Moving mouth on a head sock
  • Handmade in the USA
  • comfortable to wear
  • HIGH QUALITY: Masks and Costumes Are Designed to be Comfortably Worn for Extended Periods of Time
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand Wash Latex Masks with Diluted Mild Soap by Lightly Dabbing. Gently Dab with A Clean Wet Rag to Rinse Clean. Do Not Use Oil Based Make-up, Removers and Creams as it will shorten the life of the Latex. Non-oil Based Make-up should be fine.

Aries – Captain Marvel, Rockford Peach Player or Duke Kaboom

Captain marvel

As an action loving sign, you love a good superhero movie, and Captain Marvel is no exception. You are passionate, strong and strong – like Carol Danvers. Plus, you can rock the suit like no other. Dress up and save Halloween with your super cool costume.

Rockford peaches player

The hit 1992 sports movie, A League of Their Own, is hitting a hit again this year, making it one of the most popular Halloween costumes ever. As a sporty, competitive sign, you belong to Dottie Hinson and don’t want to go into battle this Halloween.

Duke of Kaboom

You love the good feeling, Aries. In fact, if you had a choice, you would become the Duke. However, dressing as one is the next best thing – and the next best thing to become Keanu Reeves.

Taurus – Clapperboard, Flo from Progressive, or King or Queen

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign


20202 is just around the corner and you’re ready to party! You are a little old-fashioned, so you love to dress in vintage clothes. As a luxury lover, you feel right at home with this style

Flo from progressive

Like Flo, you are straightforward and assertive, willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want, you also enjoy saving people (and yourself) money. You are sure to be a hit at your next party with this one.

King or Queen

Let’s be honest, Taurus, you think you are kind of royal. You are strong, adamant about change, and love luxury. While you can rule the world, you can conquer a Halloween party in style.

Gemini – Circus Ringmaster, Beetlejuice or Devil + Angel

Circus Ringmaster

You love to be the center of attention and put on a show, so a circus ringmaster is the perfect costume for you. Your adorable personality and your swinging legs are sure to be the main spokesperson for your next Halloween party. Ask the DJ to play The Greatest Showman soundtrack.


A tricky Halloween movie and popular musical on Broadway. Beetlejuice is taking over Halloween (and possibly your home if you’re not careful). Like Betelgeuse, you are charming, free, whose mischievous nature sometimes gives you trouble.

Horned Goat Devil Mask and Legs Complete Costume Brown

  • Complete Devil Costume Includes Mask! Hairy Pants and Hooves!
  • Elastic waist on hairy pants fit 32 to 44 inch waists
  • Hooves fit over mens shoes from size 7 – 12

Devil + angel

As a sign of Gemini, you have a little devil and angel in you, Gemini. Bring your sweet and sassy side to this Halloween with this split devil and angel costume.

Cancer – Bat, Ninja or Ariana Grande

Cozy Bat

As a character lover, you would like to dress up like any Halloween creature. This costume adds a bit of Halloween fun without being too scary!

Deadly ninja

You, sweet, cherishing Cancer, underestimate many. However, you can be deadly because no one will ever see you when you come. Dress up as a ninja and amaze everyone with your sexy moves and killer skills.

Ariana Grande

Like Cancer herself, Ariana is the perfect embodiment of this sweet, sensitive and sensual sign. The best part is that a homely Cancer doesn’t have to give up comfort to look cute. Plus, most of her outfits are super DIY!

Lion – Princess Jasmine, Daenerys Taragarien or Simba

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 2
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 2

Princess jasmine

Bring your favorite childhood heroine to life and become the best Lion princess, Jasmine. You know you haven’t won a prize, but you can win a costume contest. It’s a whole new world this Halloween.

Daenerys Targaryen

Regardless of how you felt about the Game of Throne season finale, Daenerys Targaryen is still your queen, and you pledge loyalty to her at your next Halloween party (which will hopefully go better than the GoT finale).

Simba (The Lion King)

King Simba made our list of Lvov costumes – he’s a lion after all. And just like your regular Leo, he doesn’t just want to be king. Your motto this Halloween is Hakuna Matata. …

Virgo – Spiderman, suffragette, or goddess

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 3
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 3


Peter Parker is a very methodical type who loves to help others for good. He’ll be your friendly neighbor spider this Halloween and help others to have a great time!


This year marks the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, and you will not let anyone forget that. You are a modest type, so this long-sleeved suit with long skirts is at your fingertips. As a sign of social justice, we would not advise you to hand out voter registration forms to adults while you are handing out candy to children.

Greek goddess

If you want to show some skin this Halloween (we won’t judge you), this Roman goddess costume will help you with that. According to Greek mythology, Virgo was originally known as Astrea, the Goddess of Innocence and Purity, the last God who left Earth when Pandora opened her box of misfortune. When Astrea finally left Earth, she became the constellation Virgo.

Libra – PB & J Couple, Wonder Woman, Painting by Bob Ross

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 4
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 4

PB&J Couple Suit

Libra is a sign of partnership, so you absolutely shouldn’t be different in a pair of suits. Whether it’s with your best friend or with someone else – that’s for sure, everyone will be in awe of how cute you look.

Amazing woman

As a sign of Libra, you are a Wonder Woman who values ​​truth, fairness, and fairness. Use your lasso of truth to find out who ate the last of your Halloween candies.

Plus Size Donnie Darko Frank The Bunny Costume

  • Size: 2X
  • 100% polyester faux fur jumpsuit
  • Zipper down the center back
  • Attached paws on the sleeves have a large opening by the wrist so they can be worn or not
  • Headpiece has faux fur and latex front

Bob Ross

As an artistic sign that loves beautiful things, Bob Ross is your jam. Go to a Halloween little happy tree party and show everyone that you are a work of art.

Scorpio – Sabrina Spellman, Annabelle, Spanish Pirate, Skeleton

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 5
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 5

Sabrina Spellman

As one of the most mystical signs, you enjoy magical things. You are obsessed with The Chill Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for its creepy setting and dark humor. So put on your red dress and get ready to cast seductive spells.


You love a good panic, Scorpio, especially if you are the one who scares. This Annabelle costume (also known as the obsessive doll costume) is sure to give your friends a shock or two – enough to keep you having fun all night long.

Spanish pirate

As a water sign, you would like to head out to sea for adventure, fun and treasure. This is why you can absolutely rock these sexy pirate costumes. Carefully, whoever tries to touch your prey will walk on the board.


You’re into something creepy. This costume is spooky but traditional.

Sagittarius – Bo Peep, Pennyway or Carmen San Diego

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 6
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 6

Bo Peep

Like most kids in the 90s, you’ve probably seen Toy Story 4 in theaters this summer and fell in love again with Bo Peep, who went from Woody’s love interest to his own hero. Like you, Bo Peep is strong, independent and travels a lot.


Sure, you might not be the psychotic clown who lures kids to death, but like Pennywise, you use humor to cope with many challenges. You also love the good spine cooler this scary realistic costume is sure to provide.

Carmen Sandiego

As a Sagittarius zodiac traveler, you belong to Carmen’s reactive lifestyle. After all, how many of your friends have wondered where you are in the world, go they’ll see your last Instagram journey.

Capricorn – Rey, Zombie Bride or Gangster

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 7
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 7


As we look forward to the next Star Wars movie in December, dress up as your favorite heroine, Rey. Like Rei, you are hardworking, motivated, and look great in earthy tones.

Zombie Bride

Grab a lace top, a white tutu, white knee socks and socks, and put on your heels and you’re one sexy zombie bride. Well, after you add blood and gray eyeshadow, of course. As one of the more focused zodiac signs, you are more likely to bump into the earth. Becoming an IRL zombie is a kind of MO. At least this time, you’ll look good doing it.

Gangster mom

Okay, let’s be honest Capricorn, you will most likely forget about Halloween until today because you are so busy with work. Being so career focused, you probably know what you are doing. Channel that energy into this sweet gangster costume.

Aquarius – Ahoy Scooper, Harley Quinn or Unicorn Rider

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 8
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 8

Scoops Ahoy Scooper

As a lover of everything upside down, you adore strange things. Instead of dressing like Eleven for the third Halloween in a row, dress up in a Scoops Ahoy costume and bow down to your favorite ice creams. Plus, you will look as cute as you fight monsters.

Harley quinn

Being Aquarius means being a little detached from you, like your favorite psycho heroine, Harley Quinn.

Unicorn Rider

As a unique person, you will never appear as a third vampire at any party. No, you want to enter as a person riding a unicorn. People won’t forget your cool costume and it will make your unicorn ride fantasy come true.

Pisces – Little Red Riding Hood, Ariel or Unicorn

The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 9
The best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign 9

Little Red Riding Hood

You love fairy tales, Pisces, so act out a classic this Halloween by becoming Little Red Riding Hood. Like you, this costume is sexy and magical at the same time. You’ll be defiantly getting tons of goodies to put in your basket if the big bad wolf doesn’t catch you first!


As a water sign, you sometimes want to be a mermaid and leave the filthy human world behind. You adore Ariel because you are both hopeless romantics, dreamers and sometimes lose your voice when you need to speak. While you can’t live under the sea, you can rock this cool costume.

Fun World Adult Dark Angel’s Desire Costume

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Satin shimmer, organza and chiffon dress with boning and embroidered bodice
  • Wire supported satin shimmer, organza and chiffon wings with faux feather details and halo. (jewelry not included)


As a fan of all fantasy, you would like to escape to the magical world. While you cannot live in fantasy, you can dress like something magical. As a unicorn, you are sweet, sensitive, and rare.

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