Guy Fawkes mask

Guy Fawkes was born in York to a Protestant family in 1570. When he was 9 years old, his father died and his mother married a Catholic. It is not known for certain whether the stepfather influenced the young man or some other people and events, but by the age of 21 the young man becomes a convinced Catholic. And in 1591 he went to military service in the Spanish troops. He spent 12 years fighting the Protestant Low Countries (modern Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), gaining a reputation as a brave, skillful and honest warrior. For all that, need did not in any way forced him to choose military service, his father’s inheritance would be enough for the unhurried life of an aristocrat, human nature turned out to be stronger than the traditional life routine.

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Guy Fawkes mask.
Guy Fawkes mask.

By the time of his return to England in 1604, the situation in the country was as follows. An ardent Protestant Elizabeth the First died. She was replaced by the son of Mary Stuart, James the First, the Catholics’ hope for revenge, ascended to the English throne. However, hopes were not destined to come true. The new king did not provide any reforms and indulgences to the fellow believers of his executed mother. When hope dies out, rage is born. And in 1605, a conspiracy was born, which in history is called Porokhov

The British anarchist aristocrat served as the prototype for the main character of the comic, which takes place in the fictional world of totalitarian Britain. The graphic novel, in turn, formed the basis of the film – V for Vendetta, after the release of which the mask suffered the fate of the famous portrait of Che Guevara – it became incredibly recognizable and replicated, especially in a protest environment.

Guy Fawkes mask. 2
Guy Fawkes mask. 2

The Vendetta mask or simply the V mask is one of the key symbols of protest and the fight against corruption, the current system and reforms of power in the West, negative for the protesters, and also one of the most popular Internet pages. First appeared in the English comic V – for vendetta, where it was worn by the protagonist V. The author of the image and design of the mask is David Lloyd,

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Guy Fawkes mask. 3
Guy Fawkes mask. 3

In the comics and the film, a man in a Guy Fawkes mask – arranges a rebuff to Nazi Great Britain, arranges underground activities, tries to fight a fictitious regime.

Guy Fawkes mask. 4
Guy Fawkes mask. 4

Guy Fawkes served as the prototype for the comics. He, as the organizer of the Gunpowder Plot – 1605 – an attempt to arrange a terrorist attack in Great Britain, blow up the parliament building and thereby take revenge on King James I, who pressed the Catholics against the wall, inspired the creators of the comic. In general, the mask is a symbol of the conspiracy in England.

He served as an example for the creators of the hero of the comic book “V for Vendetta”, in which the main character wears a mask, personifying a national hero who can fight the system.

Guy Fawkes mask. 5
Guy Fawkes mask. 5

In terms of the number of copies purchased, the mask broke almost all records, overtaking the Batman and Harry Potter masks. The reason why the mask has become popular with protests is primarily due to the special influence of the film.

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